DART–Directors & Advisor Round Table
27th Feb 2015

The principle on which the corporate governance is built is on values, ethics and morals, and that is what a human behavior of someone who is at the top of an organisation stands for, be it the CEO, Board or shareholders of the company. Directors & Advisors Round Table (DART) is an initiative launched by Sundharesan Jayamoorthi to create awareness on the various gamut of corporate governance. The topics covered for discussion include issues that affect the interest of senior management, Board Members & Advisors in corporate world.

Program Structure for the evening:

  • Governance in the Corporate World during the previous Quarter – a presentation dissecting Issues on Compliance, Governance & Risk by Sundharesan Jayamoorthi.
  • Panel Discussion on “Governance at the Top of the Pyramid - cause and cost of FRAUD, whose responsibility is it” — Accounting, Legal & Independent Directors’ perspective.
    • Mr. Rishi Harlalka, Partner, Rishi Madhur & Co, Chartered Accountants.
    • Mr. Murali Anathasivan, Partner, J Sagar Associates, Advocates & Solicitors
    • Mr. Ghanshyam Dass, Independent Director on Boards of Jain Irrigation, Jubilant Industries & Sr. Advisor KPMG & NASDAQ
    • Sundharesan Jayamoorthi, Panel Moderator
  • Program Fees: Rs 1200/- (Inclusive of 12.36% taxes)