Workshop on "Transformational Leadership for Sustainable Performance"
19th Jan 2017

Prime Meridian Consulting Pvt. Ltd  in association with World Trade Center Bengaluru is organizing a One day Workshop on Transformational Leadership on 19th January, 2017. The programme will take the leaders through a practical journey of discovery using evidenced based research that links emotional intelligence, leadership styles, culture theory and neuroscience.
Transformational Leaders are robust emotionally aware leaders. They are high on emotional intelligence and are able to use the most relevant leadership styles to achieve results and changes required in the organization for its sustainable growth.
The learning outcomes of the workshop will be as following:

  • Demonstrate understanding of Emotional Intelligence

  • Improve various Leadership styles

  • Effectively manage own emotions & behaviours

  • Use a coaching leadership style to drive development, performance & culture

  • Use new EI skills and leadership styles to influence required changes.

Methodology: The programme is highly experiential and uses a combination of facilitation, coaching, learning exercises, case studies, delegate examples, and discussion sessions. In the company of senior and accomplished peers, participants develop the competence and confidence to use the various principles and techniques demonstrated and used in the programme.

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We look forward to receive the nomination of the Senior Executive of your esteemed organization and for any information or assistance regarding the workshop, please reach out to Mr. Ratul at (+91) 77609 87445 or