Workshop on “Art of Managing Change and Transition”

04-11-2020 | Completed Event

We organized a certified online workshop on “Art of Managing Change and Transition” at Work”. Mr. Mark Sequeira, Principal Consultant and CEO, Maestro Human Resources Pvt. Ltd. was the faculty. Mr. Sequeira through storytelling, analogies and group tasks engaged the participants and made them aware of the different stages of transition management. 

He spoke about the various stages of change, transition and transformation. He stated that resistance to change, either by the workforce or senior management is the primary hindrance to transformation. Cultural, personal and intellectual resistance could arise in an organization. He gave statistics which showed that 30% employees in an organization are engaged, 52% disengaged and 18% actively disengaged. He explained the Kübler Ross curve which explained the different stages an individual goes through while undergoing change.

He explained the 3 components of transition as ending, transition and new beginning. He interpreted two models of change to the participants - John Kotter's 8 step model and the Jeff Hiatt Model. He added that the hard factors to change during transformation are strategy, structure and systems while the soft factors are shared values, skills, styles and staff.

The 3 day workshop was attended by mid and senior level managers. Dr. Bose K. Nair, Vice President World Trade Center gave the inaugural address. Mr. Vivek George, Manager WTC released Mr. Sequeira’s eBook on transformational management ‘From Setback to Comeback’. All attendees will also receive one week hand holding by the Faculty to implement their learnings at work.