Living a Healthy Life Despite Having Diabetes

22/11/2020 | Completed Event

World Trade Center together with the Women’s Indian Chamber of Commerce & Industry, Tamil Nadu Social Service Council commemorated World Diabetes Day to promote awareness about this silent disease. An online session on 'how to live healthy with diabetes' was held with renowned Diabetologist Padmashri Dr. V. Mohan as the speaker. Dr. Mohan shared his observations from a recent study conducted on Diabetes patients pan India. He explained the importance of medical check- ups ad follow-ups and urged the participants to go for follow up sessions after every 3 months. According to him, this can avoid future risks as it reduces the probability of having complications by upto 50%. Studies have shown that diabetes when left unmonitored can reduce the life expectancy by 7 years. He mentioned that diabetes do not give out symptoms early, hence early detection can help a lot; Blood Sugar, Pressure and lips needs to be kept under control; the first 10 years are most important; reducing stress, exercise and healthy food are also equally important. He stated that Diabetes patients too can live a long life with the right precautions and measures. The session had good participation and attendees also clarified their personal queries with Dr. Mohan. Ms. Radhika Dhruv, Vice Chair- WICCI Tamil Nadu Social Service Council moderated the webinar. Mr. Vivek George, Manager WTC delivered the concluding remarks.