Virtual Selling for Sales Professionals

06/02/2021 | Completed Event

A certified online workshop on "Virtual Selling for Sales Professionals" was organized with Mr. Rakesh Gopinathan, Mentor & Coach, WowRakesh as the faculty. Mr. Rakesh spoke about the importance of content, creativity and communication in B2B, B2I and B2E interactions. He elaborated on the concept of virtual reality which could drive future sales in the era of virtual selling and also explained how virtual selling is different from conventional sales. There is an empathy drop among first gen smartphone users; digital connect is less risky and less intimate, virtual sales also requires a different skillset and toolsets.

Mr. Rakesh demonstrated how to establish virtual presence using appropriate backgrounds, positioning of the screen and gestures. The virtual selling journey was demystified which includes - familiarizing, qualifying, sales and customer experience. He stressed that for effective virtual selling, it is important to be presentable, have good knowhow of the virtual technology and understand psychology of clients. The use of right communication skills in order to create engaging virtual meetings and a productive home environment is also important to establish virtual presence. Sales professionals from the low, mid and executive levels of companies from various sectors took part.

To view the recording of the event, contact / 6366918575