Legal #toolkit for Equity Funding

17/03/2021 | Completed Event

An online session on “Legal toolkit for Equity Funding” was conducted in association with SAS Partners Corporate Advisors. Mr M.V. Subramanian, Co-Founder and Managing Director, Future Focus Infotech Private Limited, Ms. P. Chandana, Senior Consultant and Ms. B. Chandra, Advisor, SAS Partners Corporate Advisors were the Speakers.

Mr. M. V. Subramanian described his experiences in setting up a publicly held company.  He advised the budding entrepreneurs to carefully read the agreements as it might have a lasting impact over their businesses. Ms. Chandana explained the various aspects one should consider during the pre-funding stage like term sheet, due diligence, definitive agreements. She gave examples of a few common agreements such as Share Subscription Agreement, Shareholders' Agreement etc. She spoke on the governance rights, pre-emptive rights, investment protection, exit rights, key promoter protection, etc. and took a few questions from the participants. Ms. B. Chandra gave various case studies that explained the various legal requirements.

Numerous first generation businesses, matured startups, family-run businesses and established companies attended. Dr. Bose Nair, Vice President and Mr. Vivek George, Manager World Trade Center also spoke.