Certified Online Workshop on Lead Generation & Effective Conversion Strategies

15/05/2021 | Completed Event

A certified online workshop on “Lead Generation & Effective Conversion Strategies” was conducted that discussed the essentials of lead generation process. Mr. Rakesh Gopinathan, CEO, WowRakesh was the Speaker.

Mr. Rakesh spoke in detail about the process of identifying quality leads and converting them into loyal customers who can later on become brand advocates. He explained the roles of Marketing, Sales and Service teams in the various stages of lead generation. He mentioned the various Key performance indicators like - Cost per lead, Number of qualified leads, website traffic to lead ratio. He also spoke about targeting the audience through the customers’ demographics and psychographics. Content should be created and customised for this audience. A good knowhow of the competion is also key to grow your reach. He elaborated on the creation of a compelling offer that would make the customer perceive the value and seek its benefits.

Dr. Bose K. Nair, Vice President, WTc Bengaluru, Kochi & Chennai and Mr. Sandeep Raj, Coordinator, WTC Kochi also spoke.