Financial Crisis Management through Financial Planning

10/07/2021 | Completed Event

An online session “Financial Crisis Management through Financial Planning” was held in association with Steps Financial Planning Services. Mr. Vijayananda Prabhu CFPCM, Senior Financial Planner & Researcher and Mr. Tom N Jacob CFPCM, Branch Head – Kochi, were the speakers

Mr. Tom Jacob elaborated on the various components of financial planning such as investment planning, tax planning, liabilities management, portfolio management, retirement & estate planning, risk protection etc. He also touched upon reduction in interest rates gone down boom in capital market and rising inflation.

Mr. Vijayananda Prabhu covered aspects around financial stress mainly caused by factors like improper money decisions, information clutter, ill advises, improper asset allocation, income - expense mismatch etc. He used various case studies to explain the shortcomings in financial planning and explained how they can be rectified. Mr. Prabhu explained the importance of various factors such as contingency planning, limiting expenses, goal planning etc. The Speakers also took questions from the participants and advised them on how they can manage their finances effectively.