Annual Endowment Lecture

30-09-2022 | Completed Event

The 6th edition of Professor Ravi Ravindran endowment lecture was hosted at WTC by Institute of Materials Management, Bangalore. The hybrid session was themed ''Public Service and Operations Management Including Vaccine and Food Supply Chain”. Dr. Deshmukh S.G., Professor, Mechanical Engineering, IIT, Delhi was the lead speaker. 

Dr. A. "Ravi" Ravindran recently retired from Penn State University USA. He has been a Professor of Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering and also the Chair of Enterprise Integration Consortium at the University. Formerly, he was a Professor of Industrial Engineering at the University of Oklahoma and at Purdue University. He has authored six books and won numerous Best Teacher Awards in his career spanning five decades. He has been associated with IIMM for its Supply Chain Management events like SCALE, NATCOM from the year 2000 and has conducted advanced workshops. He has guided more than 30 graduate students through their Ph.D. programs as the Principal Guide. Students of Professor Ravindran came together and organized a symposium in his honor in 2015 at Bangalore. This Endowment Lecture series has emanated from the above symposium.

The lecture witnessed participation from members of IIMM as well as students of Dr. Ravindran. The meeting ended with dinner.