Counter Terrorism Mock Drill

20/04/2024 | Completed Event

In a collaborative effort to bolster preparedness and coordination in combating terrorism, a Counter Terrorism mock drill was conducted at WTC Bengaluru. The exercise showcased a remarkable display of synergy among various elite units- NSG (Black Cats), Garuda Force, SWAT team, Bangalore City Police and Fire & Emergency Services, alongside Brigade, Sheraton Grand Bangalore Hotel and WTC security teams.

The exercise simulated a real-world scenario, testing response times, communication protocols and tactical manoeuvres. NSG ( Black Cats), presented the most prestigious NSG medal and NSG 27 official cap to WTC team led by Dr. P.R.S.Chetan, Security Advisor-Brigade Group for the stellar support & performance in the NSG Exercise. 

This drill not only showcased the collective strength of security forces but also underscored the importance of continuous readiness in safeguarding against potential threats.