Earth Day 2024

22/04/2024 | Completed Event

World Trade Center Bengaluru along with Brigade Gorup, hosted a special Earth Day Flea Market event to honour the essence of Earth Day.

Event Highlights:

  • Handmade Books: Attendees had the opportunity to explore a curated collection of handmade books, each meticulously crafted with care and creativity.

  • Sustainable Jewelry and Accessories: Unique pieces of jewelry and accessories, designed with sustainability in mind, were showcased, offering attendees a chance to incorporate eco-friendly style into their wardrobes.

  • Homemade Preservative-Free Snacks: Guests indulged in a variety of preservative-free homemade snacks, bursting with delicious flavors.

  • Organic Superfoods: Attendees nourished their bodies with organic superfoods sourced from local producers, promoting both personal health and environmental well-being.

  • Natural Skin and Hair Care Products: Individuals pampered themselves with natural skincare and haircare products, crafted to be gentle on both the body and the environment.


A highlight activity of the event was the "Seed Bombing" experience, where participants joined in spreading greenery and joy by creating seed bombs to enhance the beauty of their surroundings. Together, they sowed the seeds of sustainability, leaving a positive impact on the environment.