Awareness & precautionary measures taken at
World Trade Center Premises on outbreak of COVID-19

Awareness session on COVID-19

World Trade Center Bengaluru organized an awareness session for the benefit of its occupants. This was held at WTC on 6th March 2020. Dr. Angelina Mendos, MD Sr. Consultant, Microbiology & Infection Control Officer from Columbia Asia Hospital was the speaker, she spoke about the symptoms of the disease and the ways to prevent it.

Considering the advisory from various health institutions, it is prudent for everyone to adequately protect & prevent themselves from getting infected. It is significant to note that there is no VACCINE so far to neutralise the effect of coronavirus.

It was an opportunity for all HODs/Admin team to clear their doubts and share best practices adopted by them during this outbreak.

Precautionary Measures

World Trade Center Bengaluru is committed to contain the spread of COVID-19. To ensure the safety of everyone at our premises, the below precautionary measures have been adopted:

  • IR thermometers are used to screen all entry points
  • Commonly used touch points like doorknobs, elevators etc., are sanitized frequently
  • Completed Sterifume treatment in common areas including cafeteria
  • Hand sanitizers are kept in the reception/common areas and workstations
  • Digital pods display awareness banners at lobby area
  • Tenants are informed about the protocol to be followed in case of any emergency
  • Biometric attendance and physical meetings are suspended
  • Awareness sessions held for tenants and outsiders
  • Social distancing is advised

These are in addition to the already prevailing security checks. We are grateful to all the employees and stakeholders for their support. We appreciate our support staff for their continued and tireless efforts to keep us safe.

Message from President:

Dear Friends,

Our World is going through an unprecedented crisis, with Novel Coronavirus (COVID19) wreaking havoc in our lives. Besides being life threatening it has literally crippled world economy in a manner unseen before. Businesses have collapsed, leaving millions unemployed, hopefully temporarily, and we have no indication yet as to how long it will take for us to get back our bearings.

We want to reach out at this hour, to express our solidarity and support with all families and businesses that have borne the brunt of this global catastrophe. Our hearts go out to members of the families who have lost their loved ones to this pandemic. We sincerely hope that we are able to soon put this crisis behind us.

At WTC, the health & safety of our employees, their families are our topmost priority. Therefore, all our colleagues have been encouraged to work from home. Though challenging, this shift has been relatively smooth with the help of advanced technology and digital resources that are fortunately available with us. As the saying goes- Necessity is the mother of invention!

During this time, we will continue to engage with you and extend our services & support through digital channels.

Please do stay in touch and stay safe!

With our best wishes
Yours sincerely,
Vineet Verma, MRICS
World Trade Center
Bengaluru | Kochi | Chennai