Practical Leadership program at WTC Bengaluru

26-07-2017 | Completed Event

World Trade Center Bengaluru in association with Leverage, a leadership capability development firm conducted a program on 'Practical Leadership' on 26th July 2017. This day long experiential program was offered as a part of the 'Leverage Learning Lab™' series.
Despite abundant knowledge, information and resources available on leadership development, many organizations are still grappling with issues of converting this knowledge into action. The 'learning labs' are powerful sessions crafted by Leverage to address this. The program was designed to help participants understand the distinction between management and leadership. The learning elements were crafted to help them take small yet practical steps and embark on a meaningful leadership development journey.

Facilitated under a lab setting, the process helped participants experience, observe, reflect and learn the essentials, while committing to application and further learning. Participants were nudged to systematically build a model that can be applied at the work place without the use of many frameworks and theoretical domains. The fun, the sense of competition and accomplishment (during the games) were interspersed with observation and inquiry as to what it meant in the work context.
Participants drawn from different organizations appreciated the following aspects of the program:
• The simple, engaging and interactive design.
• The opportunity to validate what was being learnt through the lens of different industries that they came from.
• Practical tools to start being aware of and apply at the work place.

The facilitators Vasudevan and Divya both leadership development practitioners, founded Leverage to help organizations & individuals achieve 'business excellence through leadership excellence’.