Meet with Thai Trade Mission

05-02-2019 | Completed Event

Leaders at WTC Bengaluru, Dr. Bose K Nair and Mr. Trishul Devanga invited Ms. Supatra Sawaengsri, Consul (Commercial), Royal Thai Consulate-General (Commercial Section) and Ms. Anjali V Dwivedi, Trade Officer, Thai Trade Center, Mumbai to WTC Bengaluru premises for a meet on 5th February 2019 and also show the premises. Thailand Trade Consul conducts few b2b meets every year regionally and the premises has discussion rooms for in-house meetings, hence discussed about our facilities and the opportunities that Thailand Trade Consul can avail. We escorted the delegation through our WTC Bengaluru facilities and Northern Terrace area, we proposed these venues as best fit to host their b2b events.

Ms. Anjali assured to use our facilities wherever there is an opportunity.