Talk on Economy, India and China

20-03-2019 | Completed Event

World Trade Center Bengaluru organised a talk on “Is the Indian Economic Boom Sustainable? Or is the Global Future Chinese?” on 20th March 2019. The speaker of this talk was Mr. Matthew McCartney, Professor of the Political Economy and Human Development of South Asia -University Of Oxford.

The Indian economic Boom, 2003 – 2009 was a period of economic boom in India with growth in the agricultural and manufacturing sector due to an increase in Foreign Direct Investment, an increase in savings, etc. India had 15 years of sustainable growth since 2003, in spite of 2009 being the year of Global Financial Crisis and future growth expected to grow at a rate of 7–8%, the dilemma arises if the Indian economy’s growth is actually sustainable and will it be India or China which will have a big advantage in the future.