WTC Bangalore partners with the Global Shapers Community in Bangalore

20-01-2015 | Completed Event

The Global Shapers from the Bangalore Hub in association with World Trade Center Bangalore organized an event on 20th January, 2015 at the WTC Bangalore to deliberate on the topic, “Religion: A pretext for Conflict?”, with a panel of four eminent thought leaders from a diverse set of religious backgrounds, sharing their views on religion, spirituality and the heritage of India- Hindustan, that has emerged as the bedrock for religious tolerance and coexistence. Shaping Davos by the Global Shapers Community, a World Economic Forum Initiative, lent a platform for local communities to discuss and debate hard pressing topics of global relevance, that have found its way into the theme for the 2015, World Economic Forum Summit, Davos. The panel of speakers comprising David Selvaraj, Swami Veershananda Saraswath, Nisar Ahmed and Ram Mohan Menon, touched on the topic as to why India has prospered as a community that has truly implemented and propagated secularism, by sharing with the audience in a story telling format, the history of India and how it has shaped the country into this well bounded and tolerant force- a role model for the world at large. The eminent speakers had one common theme amongst them that could be possibly attributed to India's religious tolerance - Spirituality.