Popular Questions
What is World Trade Center Bengaluru?
World Trade Center (WTC) Bengaluru is an international business development organization that helps companies grow beyond their domestic markets. We connect businesses, people and resources from Karnataka with the larger international trade community and vice versa. We are a licensed member of the World Trade Centers Association (WTCA), headquartered in New York, comprising a network of 330 Centers in over 100 countries.
What is the objective of WTC Bengaluru?
The objective of WTC Bengaluru is to foster international trade by providing various services and facilities designed specifically to meet the needs of participants in global commerce. WTC Bengaluru is recognized as an important destination for the exchange of ideas that promotes international trade and opportunities.
What facilities/ services does WTC Bengaluru provide?
WTC Bengaluru provides a host of services and facilities for Corporates, International Business Organizations, Small & Medium Enterprises. These include: A unique platform to facilitate international trade & investment A forum for dialogue, education and training on the ever changing facets of international trade A trade information hub where trade data fundamentals on international business can be obtained Short-term / transit office facilities, meeting rooms, seminar halls and exhibition space. Organize/host trade missions, exhibitions, and targeted business meetings and conferences to attract a steady flow of international business visitors
How can we benefit by associating with World Trade Center Bengaluru?
If your organization is involved in international trade then you will likely benefit from our consulting services, trainings, seminars & networking events. We can help you initiate your international business, expand to new markets through our network present in over 100 countries.